Database Services

Our mission is to empower marketers with the intelligence necessary to optimize customer relationships. We are committed to investing in people, technology, and resources to continue to develop new and innovative marketing tools and analytic services that enhance marketers' ability to manage and understand their information.

We develop and manage your customer or prospect data marts. Internet access offers on demand data manipulation and segmentation. Custom outputs and user-friendly reporting tools make it easy for you to analyze and work with your data. Security of valuable and proprietary customer data is ensured through security standards and firewall protection plus redundant systems.

Real time Internet access allows marketers the ability to access information on demand. Ad hoc queries, data downloading, and individual record look-ups provide essential information for making vital business decisions.

Update your database with new customers, existing customer transactions, or prospect data. Live updating is available via web-based data input tools, or batch are run as needed (daily, weekly, quarterly or annually).

Adding information to your database enables you to better understand whom your customer is. Demographic, psychographic, and (firmographic) business data is readily available from various third party providers.


Keep in touch with your customers and prospects who are on the move.

Campaign Reporting

Measuring performance is key to effective ongoing campaign management.

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