Marketing Strategies to Improve your Reach

Throughout our business life-cycle our team has created and perfected custom models to assist with improving the rate at which incoming leads are converted into matriculating and ultimately successful customers. This is accomplished through more intelligent routing of incoming leads, with respect to:

  • The sales professionals assigned to the leads
  • Prioritization of leads
  • Adjusting the focus on the product offered

Utilizing our Lead Intercept™ System, we have developed a real-time system to score, rank and route each of the incoming leads.

Response & Conversion Modeling

Nothing kills a direct marketing campaign faster than poor response or conversion. MIS uses sophisticated modeling techniques, combined with thorough validation, to develop models that give your campaigns the lift they need. Response / Conversion modeling identifies those factors that are most predictive of prospect's likelihood to respond to campaigns and/or ultimately to buy your product. By applying these models to a universe of prospects you can select the best set of prospects to mail, resulting in improved response/conversion rates, reduced cost per lead/acquisition, and ultimately, better profitability from your direct marketing programs. Attributes examined in model development can include past customer behavior, customer demographics, geo-demographics, campaign creative / offers, etc.

Site Location Modeling

Thinking of opening a new location? Trying to decide which zip codes to mail? We perform a variety of geographic analyses for our clients, identifying better areas within which to conduct direct marketing campaigns and places to site new locations. Combining data about existing customers (location, behavior, demographics, etc.) with current locations, We use advanced statistical and mapping techniques to define your trading area and identify good potential sites for new locations. Then we analyse the geographic relationships with your customers (distance, time), illustrating how key campaign / customer metrics (leads, conversions, penetration) behave as customer distance/time from your locations increases.

Attrition / Retention / Repeat Purchase Modeling

What good is acquiring new customers if you can't keep them? Or if you never sell them anything other than their first purchase? For businesses that rely heavily on repeat customer purchases, it's no good at all. MIS uses customer contact & purchase histories, together with other customer attributes, to develop models that can predict if and when a customer is likely to purchase again, what they might be interested in purchasing, or whether the customer is likely to churn. These models can be used to pre-empt customer attrition or increase customer sales through effective communication timing & targeted product offering. Improved customer lifetime value is the goal.