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We are a team of strategic thinkers with many years of direct marketing experience. Attention to detail and focus on quality makes MIS a great choice as your direct marketing partner.


Founded in 1999, MIS, Inc started out as a list consultation and direct marketing service bureau. We successfully designed and deployed a direct marketing web portal that provided our first clients with hands on access to their private data marts. Today, we have a number of clients that manage fully integrated marketing programs though our Marketing Information System.

Our Mission

We seek to empower marketers with the intelligence necessary to optimize customer relationships. We are committed to investing in people, technology and resources. We continue to develop new and innovative marketing tools and analytic services that enhance your ability as marketers to manage and understand information.

Core Values

Established as one of the leading developers of new technology in direct marketing, MIS continues to push the boundaries by developing exciting & innovative products for todays global market. Our company culture values those who are willing and able to make a difference. We focus on exceeding the expectations of our clients while maintaining a balance between work and family.

Meet Our Team

Our seasoned professionals have been on the inside of data-based marketing solutions business for over 25 years. This extensive knowledge of the business and continued exposure to the data, plus access to state of the art tools and search engines, allows us to provide extremely insightful and objective recommendations.

David Audet, Management

David Audet


David has 25+ years of experience in both business-to-consumer and business-to-business marketing applications. David has strong competencies in mining data for direct response applications combined with understanding and solving business problems. He has worked with clients in education, health care, sporting goods manufacturing, financial services, hospitality, and travel.

Jeff Beresford, Technology Solutions

Jeff Beresford


Problem-solving, Risk Management, Programmer and Systems Designer. Jeff uses technology to improve business performance by bridging business needs with innovative technology solutions. Among other things he is responsible for maintaining the stable, secure IT environment he worked to create.

John Chuday, Business Development

John Chuday

Business Development

Strategic thinking and solving complex marketing challenges, John brings a diverse background to the team, as well as hands-on experience, working with clients in a wide range of vertical markets over the last 25+ years. His expertise covers all aspects of database marketing including database licensing and list acquisition, consulting on database design, processing, analytics, and reporting.

Ken Schwab, Analytic Solutions

Kenneth Schwab

Analytic Solutions

Data science is an integral part of our competitive advantage. Ken brings expertise as a data scientist in data mining, statistical / econometric modeling, marketing research, data management, reporting automation, sales forecasting, and operations research. Ken presents easy to understand solutions to very complex analytical challenges.

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