Lead Intercept System ™

Marketing Information Specialists’ Lead Intercept System is a unique bundling of software and analytic services that we have developed based on 25+ years working with sales leads – generating, tracking, and measuring effectiveness. Lead Intercept takes incoming sales leads generated from any marketing media, performs data hygiene, appends demographic and psychographic data, and scores leads using predictive conversion models. Lead Intercept integrates with leading CRM platforms and can distribute leads to most appropriate customer sales channel staff for follow up.

Leads In

Leads are generated from social media, email, Internet, direct mail, phone, text, etc and brought into the Lead Intercept system™


Data Hygene

Input data is cleansed using our information hygiene engine. Addresses, phones, and emails are validated, cleansed and standardized.


Data Append

We match your leads to our database of over 300,000,000 consumers. We add robust demographic, geo-demographic and psychographic information.


Score Leads

Predictive conversion models are development and implemented to score leads based on predefined outcomes and objectives.



Detailed reports of input data, scored leads, and final outcomes are analyzed and used for ongoing performance evaluation and program tuning.

Refine Algorithm

The process is constantly refined and tuned to optimize performance.

Need to take your leads to the next level?

Lead Intercept System can be implemented by the client’s internal IT staff, or MIS can deploy the system in a cloud-based environment. We can offer a fully customized solution or our entry level Fast Start solution.

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