Campaign Reporting

Mis has created customized campaign reports for many of our customers. We are able to provide an option for accessing dynamic reporting modules or your team may have a preference for static, printable deliverables.

  • careful planning
  • accurate reporting
  • best location

Project Details

Client: California Closets

Project Goals

California Closets uses multiple marketing channels including prospect direct mail. The leads from these campaigns come in from various channels and often get assigned to the last touch sourcing in the lead management system. The clients needed a way to accurately measure the results from direct mail marketing.

Project Results

After building an analytic datamart, we were able to match and compare all leads that came into the lead management system with the direct mail campaigns. All mailed prospects that responded within 60 days after the mailing were attributed to the campaign. Reports by last touch channels and other metrics were published to a web server to enable client access. Direct mail proved to be a profitable channel for new lead generation.

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