National Change of Address

People are always moving! When Americans move their place of residence and/or business, their old addresses often remain in mailer's databases. Rather than have mail go to the incorrect old address resulting in lost opportunities we identify and correct errors and append the new address where possible. NCOA processing saves thousands of dollars spent on waisted materials and postage. Additionally valuable customer information that would have been lost is now updated to receive current and future mailings.

  • return to sender
  • update your database
  • keep address data current

Project Details

National Change of Address Processing.

Client: University of Phoenix

Project Goals

The University of Phoenix executes quarterly direct mail campaigns to prospective students. They mail millions of consumers each quarter. National change of address is provided to ensure that we are mailing consumers at their current address.

Project Results

More than 5% of the data processed is updated in the NCOA process. For each million names mailed over 50,000 consumers, addresses are updated saving the University over $40,000 in mailing costs.

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